Right-to-Know Policy Information

Information Reporting

Shippensburg University annually makes available several reports and statistics to keep the university community and prospective students and employees informed. Linked below are just a few of the reports available. Within the guidelines of the Right to Know Policy [PDF] you may request additional information.

Right-to-Know Policy

宾夕法尼亚西彭斯365在线体育app下载根据知情权法要求提供公共记录, as amended, 65 P.S. §§ 67.101 et seq, are subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Requests
    1. Requests for information under the Right-to-Know Law must be submitted in writing to the designated Agency Open Records Officer. 要求可以亲自、邮寄、电子邮件或传真提出. Verbal or oral requests will not be accepted.

    2. 每个请求必须包括请求者的名称和响应将被传递到的地址. The request should identify or describe the records sought with sufficient specificity to enable Shippensburg University to ascertain which records are being requested.

    3. The Open Records Officer may ask the requester the reason for the request or the intended use of the records in order to help identify the records of actual relevance to the requester. 希彭斯365在线体育app下载不能坚持提供这样一份声明, 它也不能以没有这样的声明作为拒绝请求的理由.

  2. Submittal of Right-to-Know Requests
    1. All requests to Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania under the Right-to-Know Law must be submitted in writing to:

John Burnett, Ph.D.
Title IX协调员/合规官/机构公开记录官
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
1871 Old Main Drive, Room 106A
Shippensburg, PA 17257-2299
Office: JABurnett@econnection.jhmajaipur.com
Fax:  717-477-4037 |  Email: rtkoffice@econnection.jhmajaipur.com or JABurnett@econnection.jhmajaipur.com

有关要求可亲临或以普通邮件寄往上述地址.  也可以电子邮件或传真提出要求.

Right to Know online form

    1. 如果请求被交付给公开记录官员以外的人, 须在合理时间内转交公开纪录主任. The 5-business-day period for a response to the request begins once the designated Open Records Officer receives the request.

    2. 公开纪录主任会在收到申请后通知申请人, including the date the request was deemed received.

  1. 希彭斯365在线体育app下载有义务对知情权请求作出及时回应
    1. Upon receipt of a written request, Shippensburg University will make a good faith effort to determine if the requested record is a public record and to respond as promptly as possible under the circumstances existing at the time of the request. This time shall not exceed five (5) business days from the date the written request is received by the Open Records Officer. 如果希彭斯365在线体育app下载未能在该时间内作出回应,则该请求将被视为被拒绝.

    2. Shippensburg University may inform the requester of the need for additional time to comply with a specific request, in accordance with provisions of the Act. 除非请求方同意,否则延期不得超过三十(30)个日历日. If Shippensburg University fails to make a timely final response pursuant to the extension the request is deemed denied. The Open Records Officer shall send written notice to the requester within five (5) business days of the need for an extension. 该通知应包括通知请求人正在审查访问请求的声明, 检讨的理由及预期作出回应的合理日期, 以及当记录可用时所欠的适用费用的估计.

  2. Processing of Right-to-Know Requests
    1. Upon receiving a written Right-to-Know request, 公开档案主任须完成下列工作:

      1. Date-stamp the request.

      2. Assign a tracking number to the request.

      3. Compute the day on which the 5-business-day period will expire and make a notation of that date on the first page of the request.

      4. Inform the requester of receipt of the request.

      5. Make an electronic or paper copy of the request, 包括所有提交的文件和信封(如果有的话).

      6. 创建一个正式文件以保留原始请求.

      7. Provide a copy to Shippensburg University's legal counsel. 

    2. For purposes of determining the 5-business-day period:

      1. A business day shall be any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, except those days when the offices of Shippensburg University are closed for all or part of a day due to a state holiday, due to severe weather (such as a blizzard or ice storm); due to natural or other disaster; or due to the request or direction of local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies or officials.

      2. 申请可在正常办公时间内提交,办公时间为上午8点.m. to 4:30 p.m. Requests received after 4:30 p.m. 是否会被视为在下一个工作日收到.

      3. 为了确定5个工作日的结束, the day that a request is received (or deemed to be received) is not counted; The first day of the 5-business-day period is the agency's next business day.

  3. Initial Review by the Right-to-Know Official
    1. 在收到知情权请求后,公开记录官员应立即对其进行审查. 这次审查的目的是确定以下事项:

      1. Whether the request possesses an obvious defect that permits it to be rejected without further consideration. Such defects include the following:

        1. 请求者所寻找的文件没有足够的特殊性.

        2. 这些已确定的记录毫无疑问不属于该法案对“公共记录”的定义."

        3. 确定的记录毫无疑问属于该法案在65 P下的法定豁免之一.S. 67.708 to the definition of "public records."

        4. 公开记录主任个人知道所识别的记录并不存在.

        5. The Open Records Officer has personal knowledge that the identified records are not in the possession or control of the agency.

        6. 可否在不作进一步考虑的情况下批准有关要求. For example, if the Open Records Officer knows that the requested documents exist and are public records and that they are immediately accessible, no further analysis is necessary.

        7. 该请求是否涉及受宾夕法尼亚州或美国宪法保护的权利, including but not limited to, the constitutional right of privacy. 如公开纪录主任认为该项要求涉及该项权利, he shall consult with counsel regarding the balancing of the requester's interest in access to the records versus the constitutionally protected interests.

    2. In conducting this initial review, the right-to-know official may contact (or attempt to contact) the requester in order to obtain clarification or additional information.

    3. If the Open Records Officer determines that the request should be refused for any of the grounds set forth in (1), above, he shall immediately draft a proposed denial letter. This letter should set forth each and every ground that the right-to-know official believes is a proper ground for refusal.

  4. Responses, In General
    1. The act of providing a requester with physical access to a document in the offices of the agency is a "response" for purposes of the Right-to-Know Law.

    2. 只要可用,将在请求者(即请求者)所请求的介质中提供记录.e.,如资料已在此表格内,则以电子形式提交.). 记录不需要转换为保存它的媒介以外的媒介.

    3. A requester may either view original records by making an appointment during regular business hours with the Open Records Officer or may request written copies, 将按公开档案办公室规定的收费提供. 该费用可由知情权官员酌情免除.

    4. 希彭斯365在线体育app下载不会创建一个不存在的公共记录, nor will it compile, maintain, format, 或者以机构目前没有这样做的方式组织公共记录.

  5. Responses
    1. Types of responses.

      1. The request is granted in its entirety.

      2. The request is refused in its entirety. 

      3. The request is partially granted.

    2. Deemed denials. The failure to make a timely response is deemed a denial.

    3. Final responses granting requests.

      1. A written request for a record will be granted if the record requested  is within the statutory definition of a "public record."

      2. 批准请求的书面答复可以以任何格式提供(邮件, facsimile, electronic mail, etc.) permitted by law.

    4. 全部或部分拒绝请求的最终响应.

      1. A written response that denies a request must list the entire specific reasons relied on for denying the request. 

      2. If a request is denied all or in part, the written response must also contain a notice informing the requester of his or her right to file an appeal with the Office of Open Records.  

      3. Any final written response that contains for a denial, whether in whole or in part, must contain the following:

        1. The name, title, business address, business telephone number and signature of the public official or employee on whose authority the denial is issued.

        2. 单词“邮寄日期”后面跟着回复的邮寄日期. 

        3. 一份关于请求人为对拒绝申请提出上诉而可能遵循的程序的陈述.

      4. Grounds for a denial. A written request for access to, or a copy of, 有下列情形之一的,可以不予记录:

        1. 请求者没有足够明确地标识所请求的任何记录.

        2. The record does not exist.

        3. The requester has not prepaid the costs of fulfilling the request if the anticipated costs would exceed $100.

        4. 所讨论的记录不符合该法案对“公共记录”的一般定义."

        5. The record in question falls within one or more of the Act's statutory exceptions to the definition of "public record." 65 P.S. §67.708.

        6. 根据第65p条,该请求构成破坏性请求.S. §67.第506(a)条或根据第65 P条因灾难或潜在损害而不能批准请求.S. §67.506(b).

  6. Redaction
    1. 编校是指删除文件的一部分而保留其余部分. Redaction must be performed in such a way as to prevent the requester from having access to the redacted information.

    2. 如果确定公共记录包含可访问的信息, as well as information not subject to access, 《365体育手机版app》要求答复方必须允许访问被访问的信息, but deny access to the information not subject to access.

    3. Shippensburg University's legal counsel, or designee, before delivery of the response, 是否会审查任何包含必须修改的信息的回复.

  7. Appeals
    1. Right to file an appeal.

      1. An appeal to a denial must be filed with the Office of Open Records within 15 business days of the mailing date of the written denial.

      2. An appeal to a deemed denial must be filed with the Office of Open Records within 15 calendar days of the date the request is deemed denied.

  8. Fees and charges
    1. 所有收费均按公开档案办公室规定的收费结构计算.  http://www.openrecords.pa.gov/.